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  • We’re launching a new website, feel and look!

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    For those of you new to the family, let us introduce ourselves. Tibaeg is a soft- contemporary brand that pursues to express the most tender human emotions through colors, fabrics, and designs. We are inspired in the poetic way a tea bag infuses its flavors and colors into the water, releasing its sweet aroma and essence. We set trends that combine delicate details, colors, and graphic elements.

    We launched our brand first in 2011 and started the overseas business in 2015. We’ve been working very hard to reach every corner of the worlds with our magic and colors, and we’re happy to say that the hard work always pays off, because we are every day receiving the reaction, recognition, and support from our customers all over the world. We are now exporting our collections in several countries in Europe, America, and Asia.

    That’s why we are so happy to announce that we are launching a whole new website. We put so much effort into this website, just like we do with our creations. Here you will have access to all of our collection’s lookbooks, online shopping, customer support and it will be available in Korean and English.

    We are so looking forward to continuing creating magic with you, and we hope you join us on this wonderful adventure of fashion.

    See you around!

    Eunae Cho.

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